Private Chef Ibiza Local, Natural, Homemade


Homemade Sourdough Bread

Mix of Olives (Manzanilla, Arbequina and Black Olives from Arágon), Marinated in Homemade Espinaler Sauce

Homemade Potato Alioli Salad

Fresh Green Salad

Ramallet Tomato and Local Onion Salad

Gamba a la Plancha with Sal de Ibiza, Fresh Ibicencan Lemon and Basil

Grilled Payes Chicken Thigh with Lemon and Rosemary

Selection of Grilled Local Pork Sausages

Grilled Balearic Beef Chuleton or Entrecot, Sous Vide and Marinated with Local Herbs

Our Homemade “Miel de Ibiza” Chimichurri

Grilled Ibicencan Watermelon, Local Honey, Lime and Fresh Mint

- 60 Euros pp -

miminum 8 persons


Fresh Local Orange Juice with a Touch of Local Strawberry and Chunky Chat Masala


Fresh Homemade Slow Juice (made with Organic Local Fruits and Vegetables)


Fresh Ibicencan Fruit Salad


Ibicencan Mimosa (+ 12,5 Euro)

(Xumeu Vinya Sparkling Wine and Fresh Ibicencan Orange Juice with a Touch of Local Strawberry and Chunky Chat Masala)

Local Organic Eggs

(Poached, Boiled, Scrambled, Omelet, Sunny Side Up)


Our twist on the classic Eggs Benedict (+ 5 Euro)

(Brioche Bread with Poached Local Organic Eggs, Local Avocado, Joan Benet Olive Oil, Sal de Ibiza, Our Homemade Cured Salmon, Our Ibicencan Almonds and Fresh Herb Emulsion Sauce and a little bit of Dill)


Shakshuka with Local Black Pig Sobrasada and Granja Artina Burrata (+ 4 Euro)

(Local Organic Eggs Poached in Lightly Spiced Ramallet Tomato and Red Bell Pepper Sauce with Local Spicy Pork Sausage and a Touch of our Homemade Hot Sauce)


Spanish Tortilla from Local Organic Eggs and Ibicencan Red Potato (+ 2 Euro)

Freshly Baked Sourdough Bread

Freshly Baked Croissant

Homemade Ibicencan Fruit Jam

Greek Yoghurt with Honey from Ibiza and our homemade Local Almond Granola

Local “Ses Cabretes” Goat Cheese Semicurado

(Local Half Matured Cheese made with Local Goat Milk and Wild Artichoke)

Local Roasted “Meke” Coffee


Fresh Organic Mint Tea

– 69 Euro per person –



Can Rich Premium Red Vermouth + Tonic

Premium Vermouth made from a careful selection of wines from the land of Ibiza and natural flavouring herbs from the island. Combining a wise family recipe with the traditional method of preparation. It has a ruby color, with a clean and bright appearance. With an intense and fresh aroma of citrus, frigola, berries and mint. In the mouth it is frank, with a pleasant and prolonged sensation that makes it inimitable for its exquisite unique and authentic flavour of the area.

Served with a neutral Tonic and a slice of Ibicencan orange.


Rosemary-Lemon Infused Gin + Tonic

Our home-infused Ibicencan Rosemary-Lemon Gin, served with a neutral Tonic and a slice of Ibicencan Lemon.


Eivigin1235 + Tonic

Gin from Ibicencan destillery Aniseta, which has more than 90 years of experience. It is distinguished by a fresh and aromatic taste.


Gin Xoriguer (Menorca) + Tonic

Probably the first gin ever ancestrally made in the Mediterranean (Mahón). Served with a neutral Tonic and a slice of Ibicencan Lemon.



Ibosim Blood Moon Indian Pale Ale

This red IPA rises with the blood-stained moon. Explosively hoppy, with immersive aroma and malty body. Rounds off leaving a pleasant bitterness in its wake.


Ibosim IBZ Summer Pale Ale

This bold Pale Ale rises with a tropical aroma, its golden body dancing in the glass, and bursts in a wave of intense, fruity flavour.


Ibosim Isla Blanca Weissbier

A fresh and Mediterranean interpretation of the traditional German Weissbier. A Smooth balance of wheat and barley malts inspired by our Ibizan climate.


Ibosim Gluten Free Blonde Ale

A light and delicate blonde ale. Balanced and with hints of citrus. Every batch is seperately analyzed to ensure it's suitable for celiacs.



Aniseta Dry Hierbas Sour

Aniseta dry hierbas, Ibicencan lemon juice, homemade gingered Ibicencan honey syrup and Payes egg white foam.


Hibiscus Spritz

Vodka, homemade Hibiscus flower Ibicencan honey syrup, soda water and a touch of Ibicencan lemon.


Ibiza Mule

Our home-infused Ibicencan fig vodka, Ibicencan lemon juice and homemade gingered Ibicencan honey syrup, topped off with our homebrewn turmeric ginger beer.


Miel de Ibiza

Our home-infused Ibicencan rosemary-lemon gin, Ibicencan honey, Ibicencan lemon juice, white Verdejo wine and fresh mint.



Virgin Ibiza Mule

Lemon, our homebrewn ginger beer, homemade gingered Ibicencan honey syrup and fresh mint, topped off with soda water.


Virgin Hibiscus Spritz

Homemade Hibiscus flower Ibicencan honey syrup, soda water and a touch of Ibicencan lemon.



Xumeu Vinya Brut Nature Ancestral Blanc/Rose (Ibiza)

Quality sparkling wine made by the ancestral method, that is, finishing the fermentation in the bottle to keep the carbonic in a natural way, made in Ibiza by Toni Marí Prats, a passionate of sparkling wines and the island. Dry, fresh and very aromatic.

Chardonnay, Malvasía, Parellada


Xumeu Vinya Brut Rose Traditional (Ibiza)

A Brut Nature completely dry, made and bottled following the traditional method of a secondary fermentation in the bottle, aged in horizontal storage for more than 30 months. Rose gold colour with a pale tone. Clean and bright. The aroma of red fruits, pastry, toasted bread and roasted nuts reaches the nose. The taste is creamy, complex, balanced and lasting. It has a fine, well integrated bubble, of slow evolution and high persistence as a result of its long aging.

Monastrell, Syrah


Juvé & Camps Brut Nature Gran Reserva (Cava/ Catalunia)

Brut Nature made with free-run juice from grapes grown in Espiells (Can Rius), La Cuscona and Mediona. It has a typically pale golden colour, with a rich, elegant nose that begins with ripe white fruit and moves towards the notes that come from ageing: baked goods, toasted bread, spices... On the palate it is extremely seductive, with a fresh, pleasant texture and long finish that is once again reminiscent of white fruit.

Macabeo, Xarel-lo, Parellada


Veuve Clicquot Brut Carte Jaune (Champagne)

Reveals a pretty color with golden reflections, with an extremely fine effervescence. The nose is very powerful, developing fragrances of white fruits and dried fruits, then notes of vanilla and brioche. It offers a frank and dynamic attach on the palate. This champagne is harmonious and superbly fruity.

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier



Can Rich Seleccíon (Ibiza)

Matured for 10 months in French and American oak barrels. Violet edges highlight its cherry red colour. Tears slide gently down the glass. Oriental wood perfumes the fruity aroma with slight hints of white pepper and nutmeg. Its powerful but ripe tannins widen the palate. Finally, anises, plums and currants enrich the palate with a long sensation of silky, balsamic flavours.

Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon


Can Rich Negre d'Ámfora (Ibiza)

The vines are trellised and cultivated following the regulations of the Balearic council for Organic Agricultural Production. The harvest takes place during the month of August. It is kept in terracotta amphoras for 12 months.



Ibizkus Tinto (Ibiza)

100% Mourvèdre from 5 different parcels with a total surface area of 3,2Ha. with sandy soils and very close to the sea. All parcels have been laboured ecologically for over 10 years. Ungrafted 60 to 90-year old vines. This results in a wine that is true to its variety while respecting local customs, with a special emphasis on the cultivation process. Fermentation in open vats with daily stirring of lees with minimal temperature control. The grapes from each parcel are vinified separately. Malolactic fermentation in stainless steel deposits and ageing in French oak barrels. Mid-depth ruby-coloured with purplish reflections of youth. Predominant aromas of red fruit, butter, violets and wet forest. Fresh, agile and voluptuous to the palate.

Monastrell (Mourvèdre)


Cap Barbaria (Formentera)

Old Monastrell and Fogoneu free-standing vines and younger Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vineyards, oak barrels of different origins and uses; very few soils, limited production. Ripe black fruit, liquorice, toasted notes, Mediterranean herbs. powerful and tasty.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Fogoneu, Merlot, Monastrell



Old vines of Monastrell and Fogoneu complemented with younger vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, small winery located in the south of the island, with very limited productions, giving priority to quality. Ripened fruit, balsamic, thyme, well integrated wood.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Fogoneu, Merlot, Monastrell


Terramolles Virot (Formentera)

Grapes picked by hand and selected in winery. Vinification of different varieties separately. Three and a half months riped in French oak used barrels plus a year in deposit. Deep red color in high layers. The aromas of berries stand out. With notes of cedar and lavender. Mineral background. The palate is fresh, sweet with fine tannins and a pleasant finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot


Pere Seda Novell Tinto (Mallorca)

Young native vintage, fresh and very fruity. It is mainly produced with varieties indigenous to Mallorca, which gives it a unique personality set apart from the rest.

Callet, Manto Negro, Tempranillo & Cabernet


Coto de Imaz Reserva (Rioja)

Made from a selection of the best Tempranillo grapes in Rioja Ageing in oak casks, during at least 18 months, has provided this wine with great complexity and potential. The wine delivers great aromatic complexity, ripe fruit and cocoa and a powerful attack with soft and ripe tannins and a well-balanced acidity.



Marqués de Cáceres Crianza (Rioja)

Made from Tempranillo grapes selected by hand, Vinified with care and aged in French and American oak barrels for 12 months. Further ageing in bottle for several months highlights its red berry fruit, structure and complexity. Silky-smooth and elegant in the mouth.



Marqués de Cáceres Reserva (Rioja)

Made only in the very best vintages with Tempranillo grapes selected by hand from old vineyards. Aged for 15 months mimimum in new French oak barrels and then in bottle to enhance its structure, balance and finesse. Luscious and complex.



Sangre de Toro Original (Catalunia)

A true classic, the original is made with the finest Mediterranean grapes, that keep inside the sunny, traditional spanish character. It delivers vibrant, warm and rich flavors.

Grenache & Carinena



Ibizkus (Ibiza)

Grapes harvested from more than 40 vineyards located in the San Mateo Valley (with clay soils) and the San José area (with sandy soils) in12 kg crates and whole clusters cold-pressed using only the first 55% of the free-flowing juice ("free-run juice").  Debourbage < 24 hours and innoculated with indigenous starter yeast. Fresh and with volume, floral character and balanced acidity.

Monastrell (Mourvèdre)


Karretania Suara Rosat (Mallorca)

The young couple or agronomists Antoni Sans and Georgina Brunet claim with their wines the extraordinary uniqueness of the island of Mallorca, producing micro-productions of autochthonous monovarietals with professionalism and enthusiasm: Projecte Terra. From the fifteen hectares of their own production that the family has cultivated for decades in the municipalities of Consell and Santa Maria del Camí, they produce fresh, warm and friendly wines, pure reflection of the Mediterranean character.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah


Marqués de Cáceres (Rioja)

Dry rosé wine from Tempranillo grapes. Fragrant, delicate and refined.



Finca Valleoscuro (Benavente)

Pale pink colour with orange glints. Clean and deep aromas of strawberry and peach. Very well balanced acidity that leads to a fresh and pleasant wine.


44 (Magnum 150cl)

Miraval (Cotes de Provence)

Organic vineyard, a wine recognized beyond the name of its owners. Elegant,fresh and smooth, it immerses us in the heart of the Provence.

Cinsault, Garnacha, Rolle, Syrah



Can Maymo Grec (Ibiza)

Grapes harvested in the San Mateo Valley. Dry and light taste.



Can Rich d'Ámfora Blanc (Ibiza)

The vines are trellised and cultivated following the regulations of the Balearic Council for Organic Agricultural Production. Muscat from the Can Llaudis estate in the Ses Salines Natural Park, in the south of the island. It is harvested by hand at the beginning of August. It is made in terracotta amphoras for 6 months.



Pere Seda Novell Blanc (Mallorca)

Young native vintage, fresh and very fruity. It is mainly produced with varieties indigenous to Mallorca, which gives them a unique personality set apart from the rest.

Premsal, Macabeo & Chardonnay


Km. 1 Organic Ecologic Wine (Mallorca)

Manually harvested in 12 kilo boxes. The grapes are refrigerated overnight in a cold room before being processed. After destemming and crushing, the skins are pre-fermentatively macerated at a low temperature. Obtaining the must by gentle pressing in pneumatic presses. Static settling and fermentation at controlled temperature. Aged on lees for two months in stainless steel tanks.

Prensal Blanc


José L.Ferrer Blanc de Blancs (Mallorca)

The harvestof the varieties begins with the Chardonnay the first fortnight of August and ends with the harvesting of the native Moll the first week of September, being normallly the last white variety that is harvested. The must is extracted very gently by automatic pressing and the static racking is carried out for 48 hours. After this process, fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 14C with yeasts selected by the winemakers. At the end of the fermentation, the wine is kept in contact with the fine lees, stirring the contents in order to increase the smoothness and creaminess of the wine.

Moll, Chardonnay, Moscatel & Others.


Raimat (Costers del Segre)

Bright and intense appearance with greenish reflections. Intense scents to melon, peach, nectarine, lychee and citrus notes that bring freshness. Round mouth entrance with good balance of volume, acidity and length. Citrus and tropical notes.



Protos (Rueda)

An aromatic white wine with aromas of white fruit, tropical notes and citrus touches. On the palate it is fresh, bright and dry. A wine with a very lively acidity, a pleasant mid-palate and a subltly bitter finish.




Hierbas Can Maymo 1 l (Ibiza)

Typical and traditional Ibicencan herb liquor with anis base.


Carreró Café Caleta 1 l (Ibiza)

Unknown ancient liquor created by the fishmongers of the island. It unites flavor and tradition as a very pleasant and soft digestive drink.

Coffee with orange notes.